February 7, 2013

Good Luck Joey

Joey is moving on to State in the PTA Reflections Program. Here is his Film.

December 31, 2011

Happy New Years

So it has been a long time since we last posted but we hope this video will make up for it. It may be long but it will fill you in on our year. We love you all and wish you all a great 2012!!!

July 17, 2011

Badges of Fun

We are super excited to start Family Fun's year long Badges of Fun challenge.  During the year we will get the chance to earn 10 different badges by doing something as a family.  This month was the Backyard Fun badge and we earned it by having a backyard campout.  For safety reasons we did it at grandma's house.  After roasting hot dogs and s'mores, we had a lot of fun using our new projector for our first outdoor movie night.  The best part was when the kids fell asleep in record time sleeping on top of every blanket we own in the tent.

When grandma called and told us that Brandon Mull was going to be at the Orem library we knew that we had to make the trip to go see him.  Anna has said that, "He is the best author in the whole world!"  She was beyond excited to sit and listen to him talk about his stories and why he became an author.  Dad bought her a copy of his new book (she wasn't able to finish it before school let out and had to return it to the library half finished) for him to sign.  Being completely star struck made her freeze up and she just stood and smiiled at him when it came her turn.  He was very nice and signed her book anyway.

June 22, 2011

Morrell Falls

We decided to celebrate the first day of summer by going on a hike.  It was a five mile round trip hike to Morrell Falls.  The trail was absolutely gorgeous and the kids were so excited to find snow.  We were amazed at the size and power of the falls.  There was so much spray that you got wet just looking at them.  The best part of the hike was when Uncle Landon carried Cassie the entire way back down.  Not a bad way to start summer.  We thought about making it a tradition until we heard about a family that has ice cream for dinner on the first day of summer.  Hmm...........

June 20, 2011

Splash Pad

The sun finally peeked out today after days of rain and gloom. We celebrated by taking the kids to the park. Montana parks are amazing because many have free splash pads. There is a sensor that the kids can touch to tun on the water and start the fun. We like free and they like water, everyone left happy.

June 19, 2011

Missoula Carousel

What vacation to Montana would be complete without a trip to the Missoula carousel?  We always love this family favorite.  We sometimes got sad when we did not get to ride an outside horse because then we could not try to get the brass ring. Lucky for us uncle Landon taught us a sure fire way to always get an out side horse. Both kids tried very hard But this time Anna was lucky enough to snag the elusive brass ring. Way to go Anna!